Heating and Air Repair Logan UT

HVAC technician doing repair

Heating and air repairs consist of those that happen to your HVAC systems over time and can affect the appliance itself, which can lead to little or no output of warm or cool air. Since many modern homes have combined systems that generate both heating and air conditioning, finding the cause of the problem can be challenging until the unit is actually put into use. Most heating and air repairs are usually simple, when caught early, and are often cheaper than completely new installations.

Heating Repair

Heating repairs are typically quite quick to fix if your problem is a minor leak or the thermostat needs to be reconfigured. This can often happen with older units where you set the temperature at a particular degree, only to realize that the air coming out does not match the heating level you specified. This can happen when a leak is present or the thermostat is not configured properly. This can also lead to you unwillingly spending more in utility bills as clients will often continue cranking the temperature level and use more energy to do so.

Air Repair

Like a heating repair, air repairs take on the challenge of finding the source of leaks that are often present when air conditioning units have not been cleaned properly or frequently, resulting in clogged pipes that can cause water to seep through the appliance itself. A dirty filter can also lead to minor leaks, all of which can be altered with a thorough cleaning and vacuuming, or a changing of the filter itself. Not only can we help you clean a filter, but we can also help replace it if it is torn, ripped, or outdated.

Ventilation Upkeep

The upkeep of your ventilation is equally as important. This is because the ventilation system is what carries air throughout the home. When the vents become dusty or dirty, that dust can easily mix into the air that’s traveling throughout your home and can spread allergens, pollen, and more dust particles. Keeping your vents clean and clear will better ensure that the air traveling through them is also clean and doesn’t cause allergies or reactions to the quality of air. Not only can dirty vents carry dirty air, but they can become faulty over time and deliver the air at a slower rate, if backed up with excess debris or dust.

Annual Cleaning

If you’re looking for a way to constantly keep your heating and air units, as well as ventilation, clean at all times, then you can schedule annual cleanings with for enhanced support. We offer annual cleanings for our new and returning clients for a great rate on thorough and intense appliance cleaning as well as ventilation and pipework cleaning. We’ll not only inspect the condition of your HVAC equipment, but will run and test your units to see if they really are working in the best order possible and what they could do be doing better with some general cleaning and maintenance.