Air Conditioner Repair & Installs Logan UT

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Have you ever gone to turn on your air conditioner, only to notice that it’s leaking, not producing cool air, or simply not turning on at all? If this has ever happened to you, then you’re likely in need of some professional air conditioning repairs or a replacement installation. Because of the sweltering summers that Utah can often experience, having functional air conditioning is vital to not only your comfort, but also your health when spending time indoors.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Air conditioning repairs typically consist of repairing minor leaks or odd noises coming from your air conditioner when it’s turned on. This often happens when the air conditioner’s pipes are clogged with dust and residue, or the fan attached is unable to rotate properly. Frequent cleaning and protection to your air conditioner can ensure that it doesn’t become entrapped with debris or debris doesn’t become lodged into the pipes and fans of your air conditioner. To prevent water leaks from your air conditioner affecting the rest of your HVAC system or seeping into your home, it’s best to check your appliance from time to time for any excess condensation, puddles, or obvious leaks.

Air Conditioning Installations

Air conditioning installations from start to finish include assessing the space available and determining the size of air conditioner needed to adequately cool your entire home. Larger homes will require bigger or more units, while smaller homes or medium-sized homes will usually only require one. One air conditioning machine is unpackaged by our professionals and wired into the side of your home’s exterior outlets and tried and tested. It must also be hooked up to any ductwork or pipes that help distribute the air throughout the home, then configured with the local controller panel and thermostat for accurate readings.

Removal of Old Equipment

After the old equipment has been removed from its previous location and replaced with updated equipment, we will also assist in hauling away the larger appliances. For appliances, such as water heaters, air conditioners, or furnaces, many don’t have remaining use for them, especially if they’re outdated and no longer functioning well. This is where we come in! We will gladly remove any old HVAC appliances and equipment from the job site for your convenience, saving you the time and stress of having to figure out how to do it yourself.


Any time old equipment needs to be removed and replaced with new equipment, the process may take longer so that we can adequately accommodate all of the oversized equipment on the job site. The timeframe for most projects range anywhere from 1 – 2 days, while larger, more elaborate projects could take up to 3 – 4 days. During this time, it’s important that you’re able to accommodate the ongoing job site to allow us to finish as quickly as possible. For outdoor air conditioning units, some project timeframes may also be dependent on the weather conditions, as it’s better to perform these services when the weather is dry and permits the rewiring of the larger appliances.