Keeping your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, or HVAC, in working order is not only a necessity for your home’s interior comfort, but also for your wallet. When your HVAC system is not operating properly or using more energy than what you’re actually receiving, it could be time for an inspection, a replacement, a repair, or more. Regardless of what you need, a professional HVAC technician can easily help you find the best and most affordable solutions for your home’s HVAC problems. Along with licensed professionals and trusted service, you can have the best of both worlds – a working HVAC system that makes everyone inside feel comfortable and for half the price of what you’d pay in excess utility fees!

About Us

HVAC Logan UT is the city’s most reliable and trusted, full-service HVAC maintenance and repair company. We operate out of the Cache County area to serve our clients with the professional HVAC assistance they’re looking for. We serve to make your heating and air more comfortable and safe to use, while your water and appliances are clean and functional for all of your interior needs. Your HVAC system is there to serve you well, and so are we! So, let us help take care of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units around your home!


Our range of products and services was designed with you in mind. This means that we’re always going the extra mile to deliver you the highest standard of heating and air conditioning services available. Whether you’re wondering how to fix a broken furnace or heater, how to install central air systems, or how to repair broken AC units, we’ve got you covered. We serve the entire Cache County area with our HVAC repair services, so you’ll never be short of much-needed, quality service.

HVAC technician checking system

HVAC Repair Logan UT

HVAC repairs are done when any part of your HVAC system is faulty or in need of revitalizing. Damages can happen at anytime to your HVAC system, but are more common the older your system is. If your HVAC system is constantly running and serving a larger household, it can wear out easier and quicker than if it was rarely used at all or only during seasonal changes. Instead, our HVAC repairs are quick, simple, and affordable, so you don’t have to worry about extended waiting times.

close up new heating system

Heater & Furnace
Repairs Logan UT

Heater and furnaces can become damaged when there is a leak beneath them that emits water or doesn’t evenly heat rooms like they should. Heaters and furnaces are often faulty when they are not producing enough hot air or none at all. To repair such problems, we look at the pipework, the surrounding HVAC systems, and the condition of your heater or furnace.

“We contacted HVAC Logan UT to have our water heater thermostat reconfigured. Since our bills were getting so high and we weren’t using any more hot water than normal, we figured there must be a problem with the thermostat or a potential leak. They were able to reconfigure our system and make sure that no leaks were present, bringing our monthly water bills back down to normal!” – Alecia T.

Air Conditioner Repair & Installs Logan UT

Air conditioner repair and installations are done to help keep the air inside your home cool and fresh, when it’s needed. Air conditioners are often placed outside of the home and can become prone to dirt buildup, damages, and more, so it’s important to keep them clean to ensure regular functionality and cold air distribution.

outdoor air conditioner units

Water Heater Repair & Installs Logan UT

Water heater repairs and installations consist of looking at any potential leaks in your water heater, as well as cleaning it out to remove sediment or residue and configuring the thermostat so that it coincides correctly with the temperature inside of the water heater. If your thermostat is not configured correctly, you could end up using more energy to heat your water without knowing, resulting in higher utility bills month after month.

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“The guys at HVAC Logan UT are super friendly and were scheduled to help us repair our old air conditioners that weren’t able to keep our whole house cool. Since we have lots of space, the summers can be brutal in parts of the home that aren’t evenly cooled. They installed 2 new units and tested them throughout the house, making every inch of our home feel comfortable!” – Christina G.

HCVA technicians doing inspection

HVAC Installation & Maintenance Logan UT

HVAC installation and maintenance is the general upkeep of your HVAC systems or the preparation for new ones. When you’re in need of a new HVAC system, we can assist with removing the old equipment and installing the new equipment, along with providing guided assistance on how to use and operate your new machinery. Furthermore, we’ll help recommend inspection and annual cleaning times as well, so your appliances are in the best working order possible.

heating and air system inside

Heating and Air
Repair Logan UT

Heating and air repairs include looking at your current heating and air conditioning system, especially if it’s combined into one unit. Often times, if you find that one function is not operating over the other and air is not adjusting correctly, it could be a problem with the thermostat configuration or the cleanliness of the pipes. Most of these problems can be resolved through annual inspections and before you’re in need of the temperature-controlled air as well.

“I was so impressed with the work HVAC Logan UT did on our furnace before the winter hit. We hate the cold so to have a working furnace before temperatures dropped honestly made all the difference. We couldn’t be happier with their standard of work and their friendly service! Thanks, HVAC Logan UT!!” – Angie R.

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